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AERO-SUNY Buffalo Graduate Credit

Project AERO is pleased to continue the AERO-SUNY Buffalo graduate credit option
for participants in the Summer Institute and during other AERO offerings. The courses provide instruction and practice in curriculum design and instructional practices for
effective teaching. In addition, courses in peer review for assessment design, curriculum
mapping, data analysis, and academic leadership are offered. These 3-credit hour courses
may be applied toward a masters’ degree at SUNY Buffalo, a division of the State University of New York (USA).

Options to take these courses are flexible and designed to meet the needs and circumstances of overseas schools and teachers in international settings. Courses may be taken during the AERO Summer Institute held in the Washington, D.C. area in late June, of each year, at workshops offered at regional conferences or, in some cases, at school sites. Descriptions of the courses are listed below.

If you are interested in offering a course through your school or region, or would like to
participate as a student, please contact: David Chojnacki, Project Director:

AERO Course title

Course description

SUNY title

Standards Based Curriculum Institute

This course focuses on the four factors that frame an effective standards-based curriculum: content and value-rich issues; essential questions and enduring understandings; ongoing assessment that involves multiple measures, including performance tasks; and a student-centered, teacher-guided approach. Emphasis is on the practical use of the AERO standards and benchmarks, and the backward design method in the development of units of instruction. The course provides an overview of a school’s development process in moving from the adoption/adaptation of standards to a fully implemented standards-based curriculum

EDU6 670 Principles of Curriculum Design

Evidence 2 Excellence

This course provides instruction and practice in the Evidence 2 Excellence ("E2E") process. E2E guides teachers in using student work to assess whether assignments are appropriate for reaching high standards and whether the assessment is effective in revealing success in learning the standard. Research on the effect of assessment quality on learning will be shared. Teachers will learn to use collegial dialogue to assess the quality and clarity of their teaching and make adjustments to their instruction and improve student performance.

EDU 598 Essential Strategies for American/International School Educators

Curriculum Mapping

This course is designed to introduce teachers to standards-based curriculum mapping. The participants will investigate some of the electronic curriculum mapping databases available and consider issues in school-wide mapping. Parent, teacher, administrative, and student-focused reasons to map a curriculum will be studied. By the end of the course, they will develop or refine a standards-based scope and sequence.

EDL 630 Curriculum Leadership

Using MAP, Additional Data and Instructional Strategies to Improve Learning

This course is designed to provide knowledge and guidance for teachers who are using MAP and other data sources in their schools to inform teaching and learning. The emphasis during the first part of the course will be on interpreting MAP reports and learning how to use the data for grouping for instruction. The second part of the course will focus on the use of time efficient data analysis strategies, and the development of learning
plans for the classroom.

EDF 608 Instructional Design and Assessment

Academic Leaders Institute

This course is designed for academic leaders (heads of schools, principals, curriculum coordinators, or department heads) in schools that have adopted a standards-based curriculum. The first part of the course will focus on the change process and will emphasize strategies to best meet the needs of diverse school staffs. In the second part of the course, participants will focus on standards- based curriculum, instruction and assessment as well as school-wide mapping and planning. They will also have the opportunity to collaborate leadership peers to examine processes and structures that support full implementation of standards-based programs.

EDL 704 Seminar in Educational Change






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